• Bioactive Compounds In Foods


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Inherent toxicants and processing contaminants are both non-essential, bioactive substances whose levels in foods can be difficult to control

A wide range of contaminants are examined in detail, including pyrrolizidine alkaloids, glucosinolates, phycotoxins, and mycotoxins

Chapters have been written as individually comprehensive reviews, and topics have been selected to illustrate recent scientific advances in understanding of the occurrence and mechanism of formation, exposure/risk assessment and developments in the underpinning analytical methodology

It will also be a valuable introduction to the subject for post-graduate students.

Several process contaminants eg acrylamide and furan , which are relatively new but which have a rapidly growing literature, are also covered

The book provides a practical reference for a wide range of experts specialist toxicologists chemists and food chemists , hygienists, government officials and anyone who needs to be aware of the main issues concerning toxicants and process contaminants in food

This volume covers both types of compound for the first time, examining their beneficial as well as their undesirable effects in the human diet